This Drones Spot Violent and Terrorism Behavior in Crowds Using Al

Updated: May 20, 2020

VONMAGZ, Jakarta - Boston and Manchester also American music festivals Coachella have begun turning to drones to monitor violent in crowds with this drones to bolster their security. This similar technology could be used to monitor areas for assault or sexual harrasment.

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Paper titled "Eye In the Sky : Real-Time Drone Surveillance System (DSS) for violent individuals identification using ScatterNet Hybrid Deep Learning Network"

describe their system used a simple Parrot AR quadcopter to transmit footage over a mobile internet connecton in real time analysis.

The drones using deep learning estimates the poses of humans in the video footage and matches them to postures have designated as violent with poses : stragling, punching, kicking, shooting, and stabbing. It can distinguish between potentially violent subjects in one frame and moving normally with the crowd.

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But, Meredith Whittaker the researchers said that the system was only 94 percent accurate in finding the violent poses. They hope this drones will be used to be detect crime and terrorism.