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Ahmaud Arbery Was Murdered by Two White Men and Both Killer Have Not Been Arrested

VONMAGZ, Jakarta- The growing nationwide outcry for justice in the death Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who was confronted by an ex-policeman and his son. He was fatally shot multiple times on the afternoon on Feb 23 while routine jog in a southern Georgia town.

An earlier decision by a prosecutor in the brunswick jurisdiction argued there was no probable cause to arrest Gregory McMichael and his son Travis. Gregory and Travis have claimed that they were acting in self-defense, but the video shows a different situation .In more than two months since the shooting, there have been no arrests or charges filed.

"One of the armed men was Greg McMichael. He used to work for the Glynn County Police Department, which has not made an arrest in the case. He also worked for one of the two district attorneys' offices that have recused themselves" said the officer.

Now an online petition demanding justice for Ahmaud Arbery has garnered nearly 140,000 signatures after a video which was taken by Travis' neighbor, William Bryan viral this week. Celebrities nationwide, including NBA superstar Lebron James and Joe Biden urged action further investigation and justice.

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"Evidence of this alleged burglary has not been released. Furthermore, McMichael's account of the deadly encounter with Arbery was not released until nearly 6 weeks following the shooting. Today and every day since Arbery's death, both Travis and Greg McMichael walk freely. No one has the right to pursue, attack and kill an unarmed, non-threatening individual. Ahmaud's voice will be heard." the petition reads

The case is now being led by Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tom Durden and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. 

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